Life Story Audio

The human voice is powerful. Nothing conveys the personality of a storyteller like an audio or video recording. It is time to tell your story for the benefit of children, grandchildren, and their descendants. In a Life Story Audio we record interviews in which you talk about your life. This will later be edited into a final audio production. Family photos and other memories can be combined with the audio into a video production. The audio can also be transcribed for creation of a book.

We offer custom Life Story Audio packages ranging from pure audio edited and presented in digital media, audio combined with photographs into a compelling video presentation, and audio transcribed for use in book publication. Contact us for a custom quote based on your specific needs.

Life Story Video

A life story video is your chance to tell your story to those far into the future. Only you know the details of your life that made you who you are. You never know what profound effect your story may have on those who hear you tell it. People often wish they knew what someone was like long ago. With a life story video it is like you are right there, talking to them in person. The subtle nuances in expression, inflections in your voice, the way you speak, all are part of communicating who you are and all are impossible to capture in a book.

We offer custom Life Story Video packages designed for your specific needs. Each package includes an archival Blu-Ray DVD with a 75 year lifetime as well as a library copy. Additional copies are available. You get the same First Class service whichever package you choose.

Photo Restoration and Archiving

Family photos can fade, change color, and become damaged. Many families have large collections of photographs that are at risk of loss from fire, tornado, or floods. Personal History Center is available to solve your photo restoration and archiving needs. No job is too small or too large. Whether you just want to save a cherished photo, or preserve a large family archive, we are ready to help. A disaster may result in the loss of your prized memories. Fire, flood, and other calamities can occur with little warning. Don’t be one of those wishing you had preserved your memories. In addition to keeping backup copies of your important data, it is important to also protect your family photos and other media against loss. We can work with you to create a comprehensive family archive that can stand the test of time.

Living Cookbook

Every family has a favorite recipe. Some are closely guarded secrets. Some require special ingredients and techniques. Will the recipe be passed to future generations are will it be lost forever? The Living Cookbook is a video production featuring the preparation of recipes by the family members who are famous for perfecting them. Similar to popular cooking shows, we film the preparation of the dish and family stories as the meal is served. Each recipe video will be a treasured keepsake.

We offer a variety of Living Cookbook packages where we film the cook preparing one or more favorite recipes, presentation, and members of the family enjoying the meal. Contact us to design a Living Cookbook just for you and your family.

Video Scrapbook

Everyone is familiar with the traditional scrapbook using construction paper, glue, and other materials. Souvenirs, photos, letters, tickets, and other memorabilia would be added. Those were fun to build. Now that we have so many digital assets, how do we include those? Do we glue a jump drive in the scrapbook? How about something totally new and amazing – the Video Scrapbook? By combining snaps of those souvenirs, tickets, etc. with your online assets into a video production we can build an awesome multimedia production that includes your audio narrative. Due to the custom nature of these productions we will propose a solution custom to your needs.

Family Stories In The Round

It is a true Virtual Reality Experience and a brand new offering exclusively from Personal History Center. Virtual Reality is becoming very popular. There is a spectacular sense of awe when you put on a VR headset and are transported to another place. We are bringing VR to family legacy video in a big way with Family Stories in the Round, A Virtual Reality Experience. We bring our special virtual reality camera and sound recording equipment to your family event. The camera is there observing and capturing everyone in the room. Then the stories begin. We record the stories, the storyteller, and everyone’s reactions to the stories. What makes Family Stories in the Round so unique is that whoever views this Virtual Reality Experience will feel like they are right there in the room, it is so real.

Let Personal History Center design a Virtual Reality Experience for your family. Contact us today for more information.

Time Capsules

A time capsule is a collection of items characteristic of a time and place that are placed together in a sealed container. The container is often placed in the cornerstone of a building. Some have a specific date they are scheduled to be opened, such as 50 or 100 years in the future. To create a time capsule you can purchase ready-made capsules or build your own. If you build your own, choose materials that you can reliably expect to last past the time horizon and construct the time capsule in a manner which permits it to be well sealed against moisture. The materials should also be resistant to damage by insects and rodents. An inert gas such as argon can be used to protect the materials contained in the capsule from oxidation and moisture, provided the capsule is well sealed. If you would like to create a time capsule for your organization, or as a family project, Personal History Center is ready to consult with you on the contents, construction, and establishing archival standards for the contents.